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Open: Mon to Fri 11am - 6pm
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 43 71 90 75
Address: 85, rue de la Roquette
Paris, 75011
Country: France

Chezaline is a delightful café where you can purchase takeaway sandwiches or grab one of the four or five stools inside and eat in. The sandwiches are made using high-quality ingredients by ex Verre Vole chef and owner of Chez Aline Delphine Zampetti. She has established her little shop in a site that was formerly a horse butcher and has retained the original sign (Chevaline) but made up a name for the shop that looks quite similar.
You can eat very simply, and cheaply, with a charcuterie and cheese sandwich served in a baguette or you can try for something a little more exotic such as the Poulet en Pot ou Feu with mayo and salad or the Boulettes de Boeuf et Agneau cabbage and tahini. A few desserts are usually available. On our latest visit it was Tiramisu or fresh pineapple or apple crumble or Torta Caprese.
You can even buy a bottle of natural wine from Rene and Agnes Mosse or Thierry Puzelat.
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