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Les Vignerons
Wine store

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +39 06 64 77 14 39
Address: 119 Via dell'Acqua Bullicante
Rome, 00177
Country: Italy

Les Vignerons is a wine store selling natural wines in Rome on the Via dell'Acqua Bullicante. And the line up of wines is quite stellar with most of the well known natural winemakers from Italy represented as well as a smattering of producers from other countries such as France, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and even Georgia.
From Sicily you will find the wines of Frank Cornelissen, Guccione and Occhipinti among others. From Sardinia the estimable wines of Panevino. From Lazio you will find the quirky wines from Le Coste and from Friuli the wines of Dario Princic and Radikon.
From France, what better than a bottle of Burgundy from Prieure Roch or Fanny Sabre or a Champagne from Beaufort or Marie Courtin? Or perhaps an example from the Loire such as a Nicolas Joly or a Herve Villemade?
This place has an excellent depth to their wine selection and is now on our list of must visit places when we are in Rome.

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