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Rokurinsha (Tokyo Station) HeartHeart
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Open: Lunch and dinner 11am - 10:30pm

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: First Avenue "Ramen St", Tokyo Station
Country: Japan

Rokurinsha at Tokyo Station has queues lining up prior to opening time for a reason - the tsukemen is some of the best in town. Beautiful, chewy noodles served with sliced pork, deeply-flavourful stock and a topping of bonito power makes for a very satisfying lunch.
Get there before 11am to ensure a good place in the queue. When the doors open and you enter the small space there is a ticket machine just inside the door where you make your selection. We ordered the tsukemen with extra egg (tomago). The egg was cooked to the soft-boiled stage with the yolk still runny - perfect! But it was the quality of the noodles that impressed us the most. They were firm and chewy - just like they should be. The broth was complex with a slightly gelatinous texture that allowed it to coat the noodles and cling to them.
When we finished the noodles they refreshed our broth and brought out a spoon so that we could savour the soup by itself.
This is an excellent food experience.

The Rokurinsha tsukemen in Tokyo

Rokurinsha tsukemen in Tokyo

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