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Shima Wasabi
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 488 556 678
Address: c/- Post Office
Don, Tasmania, 7310
Country: Australia

Shima Wasabi is now the leading producer of wasabi products in Tasmania. Run by Stephen and Karen Welsh and with new premises just outside Devonport, (which is not open to the public) they are now able to produce all year round in order to fulfil the insatiable appetite of restaurants for the fresh product.
The production is based on the authentic wasabia japonica plant which takes about two years to mature to the point where it can be used commercially. The plants are grown is special temperature-controlled greenhouses using water captured directly from rainfall. The wasabi is then hand-harvested and the leaves and roots are shipped out to restaurants throughout Australia.
Restaurants in Tasmania that use their product include Palate at the Saffire Resort. They also manufacture a pure wasabi powder product for home use.
Shima Wasabi has recently been taken over by Tasfoods Limited but the Welsh family will continue to be involved with the business.
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