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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +45 3696 6593
Address: Jaegersborggade 40
Copenhagen, 2200
Country: Denmark

Manfreds & Vin is one of our very favourite places in Copenhagen. This is a place where we can hang out until very late at night enjoying the food, the company and the excellent range of natural wines.
On our most recent visit to this delightful city we spent a lot of time at Manfreds enjoying the company and exploring the range of wines that they had curated from throughout France and beyond.
Among the stellar array of wines you will find here are Domaine Gerard Schueller, Les Vignes de l’Ange Vin (the domaine of Jean Pierre Robinot), Claude, Etienne and Julien Courtois, Domaine des Capriades, Olivier Lemasson, Benoit Delorme, Jacques Puffeney and many more.
But the food is also excellent. You can snack on delights such as Lolin anchovies or olives served with tiny unripe peaches or pickled organic mussels. If you are up for a more substantial meal you can choose from the 4 vegetable dishes plus 2 poached eggs plus two meat or fish dishes for two people (which we did) and a delight it was!
One of the dishes we tried in the evening was an extraordinary plate of 'salad root' which had the texture of compressed cucumber and the flavour of lettuce. It was served with very fresh watercress and lovely goat cheese all brought together with a vibrant, green wild watercress sauce.
Another amazing dish was made from new onions that had been cooked till soft and then covered with finely microplaned hard Vesterhavs cheese from the Thise Dairy which is owned by a group of organic farmers in the west of Denmark.
This is a serious wine and food venue that we can unreservedly recommend to everyone who is entranced by great food and the very best natural wines.
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