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Secret Buddha Café
Coffee shop
Tasmania country
Location: -41.052238 145.892273
Open: Daily breakfast, lunch and coffee
Price: Low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: No phone
Address: 63 West Park Grove
Parklands, Tasmania, 7320
Country: Australia

Secret Buddha Café is located in the grounds of a plant nursery in the suburbs of Burnie - not the sort of place you expect to find well-made coffee and tasty snacks!
The coffee here is made from Genovese beans and a great deal of care is taken in extracting maximum flavour from the beans. If you order an espresso then it will be served with a shot glass of sparkling mineral water, reminding us of a similar practice at Reuben Hills in Sydney.
The cakes here are a special feature and we thoroughly enjoyed a hearty slab of pavlova topped with fresh strawberries.
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