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Fer servadou grape variety
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: Australia

Fer Servadou is a grape variety that is native to the Gaillac region of south-west France. It is also known locally as Mansois. It is permitted to be used in the Bergerac, Marcillac, Madiran and Gaillac appellations for making spicy and subtle red wines with soft tannins. Other names for this grape include Braucol and Pinenc.
There are two wines that we love that are based on this grape. The first is the amazing Mauvais Temps from Nicolas Carmarans who makes wines in the Aveyron area of central France. It is made using 50% Fer Servadou as well as Négret de Banhars, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. If you are interested in beautiful, drinkable red wines with soft tannins then this is a wine you should definitely try. The other wine is the Causse Marines Marcillac which is 100% Fer Servadou. This wine is no longer being produced but you may find some in the natural wine stores. Another of their wines called Peyrouzelles also features this grape along with a number of other local varieties.

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