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Tamar Valley Organic
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 498 078 198
Address: 11 Waterton Hall Rd
Rowella, Tasmania, 7270
Country: Australia

Tamar Valley Organic is a farm at Rowella on the Tamar River just north of the Batman Bridge. They specialise in Chandler walnuts which they market under the name Tamar Valley Organic Walnuts.
There are approximately 1900 walnut trees planted on about 5 hectares which are now 14 years old.
We buy them from the Harvest Feast stall at the Salamanca Market which is situated just near the main entrance to Salamanca Square.
These are the best walnuts that we can find in Tasmania. The quality is high, they haven't been sprayed and they have very tight shells which means they do not turn rancid like many others.
We are obsessed with walnuts and love to include them in salads, sauces, in porridge dishes and many others.
We particularly love a dessert dish that we often make which is almost a souffle made from hand-pouned walnuts as well as the amazing sauce from Georgia called Satsivi.

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