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Kumo Izakaya Heart
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Open: Dinner Mon - Sat
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9388 1505
Address: 152 Lygon Street
Brunswick East, Victoria
Country: Australia

Kumo Izakaya is a place where we see a lot of potential. We love the food, we love the service and we love the atmosphere. It has only been open for a short time and not everything comes together seamlessly however we know that it will.
Some of the dishes that we have eaten here recently have been truly memorable. We have accompanied these dishes with some of the most stunning sake drinks that are possible to find outside Japan. The sake is supplied by our friends from Black Market Sake who import a range of the most beautiful sake imaginable.
We loved the fact that the sashimi was cleanly cut. Very sharp knives had been used to provide the absolutely essential perfect cut which provides a sensation on the tongue that cannot be replicated.
We also thoroughly enjoyed the grilled skewers of chicken skin that transported us to the back streets over the railway lines from the Ginja in Tokyo where simple coal braziers are outside every little door offering such simple but delicious dishes.
And although we are sceptics about prawns because they are just so often traduced either because of lack of freshness (they need to be eaten within one day of plucking from their briny environment) or because they have been frozen (an act of bastardry that they never recover from). The prawns on our recent visit were really, really good. They were very fresh and they had been coated in a thick batter which protected them from the deep frying to retain their tenderness.
There were many more dishes that we tried on this night but we the sake won. We were so entranced by it that we stopped concentrating on the food - a most unusual outcome for us. We will slink back here and try not to drink too much of the delicious sake so that we can provide more information about the food.

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