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Open: Lunch Mon - Fri, dinner Wed - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 8 8231 7000
Address: 24 Waymouth St
Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Country: Australia

Bistro Dom is a very pleasant small bistro in the heart of Adelaide that serves fresh, local produce and interesting wines. It is a very narrow restaurant space with a small bar just inside the entrance and then one row of tables all the way along the mirror-lined wall to the back door. Staff move purposefully backwards and forwards in the space beween the tables and the art-lined wall behind the diners.
Tables are bare with cutlery, good stemware and serviettes providing a sense of readiness. The wine list is short but holds some local wines rarely found on wine lists interstate. For example, on our last visit we tried the Jauma Chenin Blanc from rising star James Erskine Lamerschoek ‘LAM’ Pinotage We sadly had to overlook the lovely Renardat-Fache 'Bugey-Cerdon' petillant with its seductive sweetness and the elegant Domaine de la Ferme St-Martin Cinsault, Grenache from the Vaucluse in the Southern Rhone because we
An amuse of gazpacho with pickled cucumber and fromage blanc showed a classical appreciation of technique and texture combined with a modern sensibility towards flavour combinations.
Crispy pig trotters with aerated green sauce and stunning fermented kohlrabi pickles which showed this lovely brassica at its finest.
A slab of very flavoursome pate campagneaccomppanied by a little salad studded with pickled plums was very good and sang with the Jauma Chenin Blanc. As an aside we find that charcuterie and pate always seems to work much better with a strong white such as Chenin or a white with some oxidative quality such as the georgeuos whites of the Jura rather than the more frequently recommended red wines.
A dish of snapper, quioa, aioli and pickled cucumber was very good. The fish was cooked perfectly.
Breast of Waechter’s Muscovy duck with boudin noir, apples and cinnamon was matched to the Pinotage. This was a very serious piece of meat that was cooked absuolutely perfectly.
Pistachio and olive oil cake, soured cream and vanilla crusted strawberries???
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