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Seafoods Tasmania
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6373 6116
Address: 27193 Tasman Hwy
Goshen, 7216
Country: Australia

Seafoods Tasmania is a producer of a range of seafoods but we love the uni or sea urchin which they gather from the cool waters off the east coast of Tasmania.
The company is owned by St Helens fisherman David Allen, Launceston accountant Warren Clarke and local oyster farmer Jim Harris. They harvest the precious sea urchins by using a diving team who dive from small boats. They currently process up to 70 tonnes of the delicacy each year. The variety that they dive for is called Centrostephanus.
The enterprise also employs a number of locals at their factory at Goshen to process the harvest.
They currently supply their product to Tetsuya's and Quay in Sydney and Garagistes (now closed) in Hobart among others. If you are lucky enough to locate some of this excellent product either eat it raw or do what we do occasionally. Cook some pasta and then toss the raw sea urchin in a bowl with the cooked pasta and serve immediately with a Chenin Blanc or Melon de Bourgogne from the Loire Valley.
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