Pulpety cielece - poached meatballs | Poland | Recipe

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Pulpety cielece - poached meatballs

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Pulpety cielece or Polish poached meatballs are common in that country and very easy to prepare. They can be served with green vegetables and mashed potatoes.
To make the meatballs soak about 1 cup of torn bread in milk for ten minutes. Squeeze out the milk and whiz the bread in a blender. Mix with 500 grams of minced veal, a teaspoon of salt and two tablespons of finely chopped onion. Add one egg yolk then slowly work into this mix two stiffly beaten egg whites.
Make into balls the size of a walnut and poach them gently in vegetable or chicken stock.

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