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Lucy Margaux Vineyards
Natural wine

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: Australia

Lucy Margaux is a biodynamic estate in the Adelaide Hills that is carefully nurtured by Anton von Klopper. Here he makes natural wines from just grapes. The wine is fermented naturallly and there are no additives. There are a number of wines in the range, some from his own grapes and some from other vineyards that share his philosophy.
The main vineyards are at Basket Range just to the east of Adelaide and lie at 500 metres altitude. In the words of Anton the vineyards have 'never seen fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or any other chemical spray'. They vines are also dry grown. In France it is illegal to water vineyards but in Australia the practice is common. The problem with watering is that the roots of the vines have no incentive to grow deep into the ground thus absorbing the minerals from the rocks and soils they come in contact with.
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