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Azienda Zidarich
Natural wine

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: Italy

Benjamin Zidarich from Azienda Zidarich maintains 12 hectares of biodynamically-tended vineyards near the village of Prepotto on the Italian-Slovenian border on the plains just north of the city of Trieste.
Here the soils are rich in limestone which is a key factor in the deep minerality of wines made in this region. In fact, the vineyards are literally hewn out of the rock with new vines being planted in holes dug into the rock and then filled with soil.
Zidarich makes his wine naturally with no additives, no filtering and fermentation in open-topped vats using natural yeasts.
The Vitovska from the Carso DOC with the striking black and red label is made from 100% Vitovska, an indigenous grape of the region which may have originated in Slovenia. Grown on southern facing terra rossa slopes overlooking the gulf of Trieste the grapes are hand-harvested and then fermented using natural yeast before being bottled without filtration.
In the Carso DOC it is permitted to add the varietal name after the name of the DOC, hence this wine is known as a Carso Vitovska wine.
The story of the Vitovska grape is similar to that of the grapes of Gaillac in France. There has long been pressure in Friuli to uproot ancient varieties and replace them with 'international' varieties such as Chardonnay. It has been growers such as Benjamin Zidarich who has staunchly resisted this and have, instead, shown the world what these ancient varieties are capable of delivering.
According to the Vitis Inernational Variety Catalogue Vitovska is a cross between Prosecco and Malvasia Bianca Lunga.
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