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Fino Heart
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Location: -35.270793,138.554528
Open: Lunch Tue - Sun, dinner Fri - Sat
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 8 8556 4488
Address: 8 Hill St
Willunga, South Australia, 5172
Country: Australia

Fino is a small, delightful restaurant serving gutsy food in the small town of Willunga just a short drive south of Adelaide. This restaurant is a partnership between David Swain and Sharon Romeo. The restaurant is small, the food is expertly cooked, the front-of-house service is caring and friendly and the wine list is interesting. What more could you ask for!
The dishes we tried were all cooked with a degree of skill that we were delighted by. For example, a beautifully simple composed salad of witlof, celeriac and walnuts with a few dabs of cress and parsley had massive flavour due to the freshness of the ingredients and the simplicity of the presentation - nothing was done to mask the flavours.
The same comment applied to some spankingly fresh oysters that were very simply dressed with a citrus vinaigrette with a lemon cheek on the side reminding us of the chef's time at the nearby Star of Greece where we enjoyed his food so much. With this dish we were also served some slices of a good baguette with local olive oil that was full flavoured and unctuous.
Next was a dish of asparagus, goose egg dressing and chopped almonds which saw seven blades of perfectly green asparagus with a drizzle of gribiche-like dressing strewn over the centre. It was flavoursome and fresh and very enjoyable.
Possibly the most interesting dish of the many we have tried here was wild rabbit and boccalaro in a duck neck with braised leeks, oyster mushrooms and parsley. Boccalaro is similar to guanciale ie cured pig's cheek. Nice discs of this sausage were served stuffed with other goodies such as pine nuts and a light jus, lots of fresh herbs and some cloves of garlic. The flavours were very deep and very delicious.
We think that Fino is a very serious restaurant that would hold its head high in the centre of Melbourne or Sydney.
We look forward to our next visit.


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