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Ritual Coffee Heart
Location: -41.417295,147.142226

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 0429 314 206
Address: 6/31a Churchill Park Drive
Invermay, Tasmania, 7248
Country: Australia

Ritual Coffee is an importer and roaster of coffee in Launceston, Tasmania. They import ethically farmed coffee beans from places such as Burundi, El Salvador and Thailand (yes, Thailand)! We buy their coffee at the Bruny Island Cheese shop in Salamanca Place.
The Burundi coffee comes from the north of that country in the areas of Yandaro and Nemba which are close to the border of Rwanda. The coffee farms here are very small so the fruit is processed at collective washing stations such as the ones at Yandaro and Nemba. The fruit is all either Bourbon or close relatives such as Mibirzi. It is grown at an altitude of some 1700 metres. The coffee from here is gaining a reputation as a high quality alternative to Central American beans.
The Thai coffee comes from La Mai in the mountains of northern Thailand where opium crops used to flourish. Coffee is being planted to provide local farmers with an alternate income.
The El Salvador beans are sourced from the San Emilio estate which lies some 1500 metres above sea level just near San Salvador. The coffee is produced in the 'pulped natural' style which means that a little of the pulp is left on the fruit which is then sun-dried. The fruit is almost all from the heirloom Bourbon varietal (although they do have some Maragogype, Pacama and Red Icatu) which results in a sweet coffee in the cup with some balancing acidity.
They also sell coffee making equipment and cups including the Japanese brand Hario.
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