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Tasmania country
Open: Hobart Farm Gate Market every fortnight

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Neika, Tasmania
Country: Australia

Provenance Growers is run by passionate grower Paulette Whitney and her partner Matt Deakin. Together they sell the most amazing array of high quality vegetables, herbs and flowers to leading restaurants and direct to the public at Salamanca Market on Saturday mornings.
They supply many of the interesting herbs and vegetables used by Tasmania's leading restaurants including Franklin and The Source. And many of the things she decides to grow are quite different to mainstream offerings.
We have been delighted with the sheer quality and freshness of her rats tail radishes and her blue and red potatoes that are dense like potatoes of old before irrigation became widely used. She also grows purple carrots and warrigal greens and salsify and delicious artichokes. Flowers include hyssop and borage (white and blue) and shungiku as well.
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