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San Francisco
Location: 37.758947, -122.412358
Open: Dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 415.826.7000
Address: 2401 Harrison St
San Francisco, 94113
Country: United States

Flour + Water was a revelation on our most recent trip to San Francisco. This city has many of the world's best restaurants and this one, in an understated way, joined the club of great places for foodies to eat.
You will find it easily even though it is off the beaten track and some distance from public transport. It is about 6 blocks from the busy Mission St, but Bus 9 will get you close.
This is a very Italian restaurant. The food is Italian and the wine list features wines from that country. This is a good thing because we espied an Occhipinti SP68 which is one of the wines that we love to drink when we are in a modern, aware Italian restaurant. This wine is from Sicily and is one of the hallmarks of the modern natural wine movement.
We started with a pizza - and what a pizza it was. Almost perfect and a great example of the art. It was a simple order - margherita with anchovies - very simple but simple is sometimes the hardest to deliver. However we loved it. Even though it was late at night (our booking was at 10pm ) the pizza awakened us and made us aware of the food being served.
We moved on to porcini strozzapreti with nettles, chanterelles and lobster mushrooms which were served with a robust pasta and earthy flavours. We also had ciccioli with treviso, saba, walnut thyme pesto, and shaved persimmon which was a delightful dish.
This was followed by seared squid with clams, young fennel, grapes, cerignola olives and aioli. A beautifully mellow dish with advanced flavours.
We are very impressed with the food and wine at Flour + Water. We love the atmosphere eand the food and wine. We hope it stays the same for a long time to come.

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