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Location: 47.89899, 1.90634
Open: Lunch and dinner Mon - Sat, lunch Sun
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 9 65 16 64 09
Address: 8 Place du Ch?let
Orleans, 45000
Country: France

Les Becs à Vin is a favourite haunt in the Loire Valley city of Orleans. It stocks only natural wines and the food is simple but very tasty.
We were very lucky to book a lunch here which turned out to be a special occasion - it was the chef's birthday. We were treated to a lovely lunch, the centrepiece of which was a parmentier of rabbit served in a large rectangular baking tray. It was a great dish! We were also impressed with the entrée of salad of lentils which was delicately spiced and a lemon cake for dessert. We enjoyed a bottle of Macon from Gilles and Catherine Verge with the salad of lentils and a Domaine le Briseau Les Mortiers Coteaux du Loire with the rabbit. Both were excellent.
They also stock wines from Herve Villemade including his exciting Romorantin from Cour Cheverny, the pure Burgundian wines of Dominique Derain, the Gaillac wines of Plageoles and the funky Loire wines of Olivier Lemasson.

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