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Location: 48.295172,4.071518
Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sat
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 3 25 40 01 01
Address: 4 place Jean Jaures
Country: France

Roland Piollot, the Champagne producer we work with, lives in Polisot in the Côte des Bars, which means Troyes is an obvious place to stay when we visit. But even if it wasn’t we would manufacture an excuse to spend a night or two here because of Aux Crieurs du Vin, one of France’s most loved natural wine bars. It became famous when Nicolas Vauthier owned it and has kept its reputation and quality after he sold it to become a vigneron (Viti Vini Vinci).
Bookings are essential here. At night there’s a substantial menu with a choice of four or so entrées, mains and desserts and of course excellent cheese. They’re mostly classic bistro dishes, but usually with a touch of lightness. So a grilled Laguiole sausage might be served with steamed eggplant, roast lamb is flavoured with cumin and the starters might include a beetroot tartare with fresh chévre. And always start with the charcuterie and order cheese. This is also one of the best places to order andouillette. They’re made by the renowned local butcher Daniel Thierry whose andouillettes appear in many of the places we like to eat, all around France.
Wines that we have tried here include the wonderful Cuvee Juliette from Jean-Pierre Robinot and a bottle of the Domaine le Briseau Patapon Coteaux du Loir - a wonderful slightly sweet white wine of considerable funkiness and deliciousness.
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