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Bissoh Heart
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Location: 47.022138, 4.833641
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 3 80 24 99 50
Address: 42 Rue Maufoux
Beaune, 21200
Country: France

Bissoh is a small Japanese bistro which has relocated to a position just inside the walls of Beaune. Here they serve pleasant food and provide a wonderful list of natural wines for their customers.
We visit here at least once a year as we visit our wine makers in Burgundy because the food is pleasant and the wine list is full of natural wines that we value such as those from Overnoy. They also have wines such as Domaine de Miroirs from the Jura, Clos Rougeard from the Loire and Champagne from Vouette and Sorbee, Francoise Bedel and also Jacques Selosse - not a bad line-up!
On our September 2015 visit we noticed that the price of the degustation menu was 49 euros for 5 dishes, rice and a dessert which is incredibly good value considering the quality of the food here.
We think that the quality of the food has improved since the move to the small, intimate space that the restaurant now occupies. There is space for about 8 people at the bar and also a few tables for larger groups.
We chose to sit at the bar and watch the two chefs prepare the food. We also decided to order from the a la carte menu because there were some dishes that we particularly wanted to try such as the tempura of veal sweetbreads and the unagi (called anguille grillée sur le riz blanc on the menu, spelling out exactly how it is served).
We started with edamame which are slated soy beans in their shells that make an excellent snack at the start of a meal. They went very well with the slightly oxidative Overnoy Savagnin that we had ordered to accompany the meal. This is such a perfect drink to order because the savoury character of the wine combined with the oxidative nuttiness makes it a perfect accompaniment right throughout a meal.
We progressed through to a fine dish of eggplant that had been marinated with miso, a selection of sushi, some very fresh sashimi, the tempura sweetbread, a thick slice of grilled veal tongue that was beautifully tender and then the thick slice of eel which had been basted on the grill (usually with a mix of soy sauce, mirin and sugar) and then served over rice. All the dishes were beautifully cooked and very tasty.
The service here is excellent with one person catering for all the diners in a calm and efficient way.
We are very happy with the new venue and look forward to our future visits.
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