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La Cabane a Vin HeartHeart
Wine store
Hong Kong
Open: Daily

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 97 B/F Hollywood Road
Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong

La Cabane a Vin is a wine store in Hong Kong specialising in organic, biodynamic and natural wines. On a recent visit to Hong Kong we loved our visit to this store and our discussions with the knowlegeable and interesting staff who have a deep passion for natural wines.
We were interested in the fact that they had sourced wines from a number of small producers that we had never heard of such as the Massereau Graves and the beautiful high-acidity Jean-Yves Peron Champ Levat from the Savoie. In addition we spied a number of our favourites including the delicious Domaine du Moulin 'La Bodice', two different champagnes from Beaufort and Beaujolais from Deschampes, Metras and Foillard to name but a few.
There are more wines on the way and they are adding to their portfolio slowly and methodically, so we look forward to our next visit so that we can try more of these lovely French wines.
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