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Ba Xuyen
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New York
Open: Daily
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 718 633 6601
Address: 4222, 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11232
Country: United States

Ba Xuyen is an unremarkable looking place in a quiet part of Brooklyn that requires a relatively long train journey to reach it. However we like to visit for the excellent spicy pork bánh mi that we have come to love here.
There are only four tables here because most people take the delicious bounty home. However we like to order the spicy pork and maybe the pork pâté bánh mi and wait while the bun is toasted perfectly and then the fillings assembled with great care by one of the unhurried but methodical staff.
First we should address the issue of exactly what bánh mi (or bánh mỳ) actually are. We need to remember that the French colonised Vietnam 1887 until they were expelled by Ho Chi Min's army and the clever tactics of General Giap who won the decisive battle of Dien Bien Phu.
But many of the French influences remained and one was the baguette. This had been adapted to local tastes by including rice flour with the traditional French wheat flour.
The filling for the bánh mi comprises pickled carrots, coriander leaves, cucumber, daikon and a selected protein such as spicy pork or pate or chicken or sausage. (Charcuterie was another French influence that has been adopted with enthusiasm by the Vietnamese.) In a spicy pork bánh mi the pork is often coated with roasted rice powder as was the case with the one we had at the Ba Xuyen.
This is a great place to try an exemplary bánh mi.
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