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New York
Open: Closed Monday
Price: Low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 81 East 7th Street (near 1st)
New York
Country: United States

Abraço is a tiny, tiny coffee shop cum take out food place where the coffee is very serious and the food very good. The used to be literally standing room only for half a dozen people in this tiny space and a few mini-benches outside where a few more people can stand and enjoy their coffee and snacks. However, they have now moved right across the street to larger premises.
Snacks include cured olive cookies, slices of a dense olive oil cake, lemon cornmeal cake, rose quince cake with almonds and a hard boiled egg on brioche, for example although what is on offer changes daily.
At lunch time you can also buy savoury small plates to compose a DIY lunch.
This is not a place to take your Mac laptop and to while away the hours over a cup of coffee or two. It is a place to sample some serious coffee and some very good food.

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