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Golden West HeartHeart
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San Francisco
Open: Mon - Fri
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 415 216 6443
Address: 8 Trinity Place at Sutter
San Francisco, California, 94104
Country: United States

Golden West is the brainchild of the inventive Dennis Leary whose pulled-pork sandwiches we raved about on our last trip to San Francisco. This time we found that he has opened this new hole-in-the-wall in a laneway behind an office building where he serves his flavoursome take-away food to workers in the nearby buildings. It is stunning.
We tried both a roasted cauliflower sandwich and a lamb mince (ground lamb) both served in a bun and both packed with loads of flavour. This is great food!
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