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Blue Bottle Café Heart
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San Francisco
Open: Breakfast and lunch daily
Price: Low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 66 Mint St
San Francisco, California
Country: United States

Blue Bottle Café is set in a delightful, high-ceiling building just across from the Mint building in the SOMA District just off Fifth. They take their coffee here very seriously indeed whether it be normal espresso-based brews made in the stunning four-group La Marzocco or a coffee from the siphon bar or the more unusual, delicate cold-brewed Kyoto-style coffee.
When we are in San Francisco our day invariably starts with an espresso sitting at the centre communal table or at the low bar watching the staff making the siphon coffee. Later we like to pop back for a siphon or cold-brewed coffee which packs less of a punch but loads of flavour.
You can also have breakfast and lunch here from the short, but interesting menus. Breakfast might be steel-cut oat porridge or macerated fruits with the beautiful Strauss yoghurt and lunch might be as simple as an egg salad sandwich or a hearty soup. The pastries and dessert items are particularly good here.
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