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Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream HeartHeart
Food store
San Francisco
Open: Daily from noon

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 415 550 6971
Address: 2790 Harrison St
San Francisco, California, 94110
Country: United States

Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream is worth a bus ride from the CBD out to 24th St and then a short walk down to Harrison to try the exciting flavours and great texture of the ice creams made here.
When you enter this sparse store you will notice the window bar area with its cute 1950s style chrome soda fountain stools allowing you to sit at the bar and take in the atmosphere outside through the large windows.
But first you must join the queue to order your ice-cream. The flavours change with the seasons but are always interesting. We have been delighted by a pairing of fresh strawberries with Szechuan pepper which gives the ice cream a slight tingle from the numbing quality of the pepper. A cucumber gelato was cool and refreshing with the cucumber flavour captured perfectly. Tahitian Vanilla saw a classic creamy vanilla ice cream which rose to new heights with the use of real vanilla.
But perhaps the most interesting flavour we have tried here was a Black Voo Doo Magic which was made with dark ale and walnuts. The colour was light brown and the flavour was quite deep from the ale. The walnuts added crunch and creaminess to this well-integrated, classically-made beauty,
The containers and cutlery used here are all recyclable and sustainable and all products used to make the ice creams are organic if possible.
It is easy to see why this place (incidentally named after the two lead characters in the whacky British sitcom Are You Being Served) is so popular. We highly recommend it.
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