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Les Papilles Insolites
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Open: Lunch Tue - Sat, dinner Wed - Sat

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 5 59 71 43 79
Address: 5, rue Alexander Taylor
Pau, 64000
Country: France

Les Papilles Insolites is a cave and bistro that can be found in the southwest city of Pau. We came across it because it sells over 250 different natural wines.
And what a stellar selection they have. Their suppliers include Puzelat, Simonutti, Valette, Derain, Cossard, the Bretons, Souhaut, Dard et Ribo, Hirotake, Pfifferling, Oustric, Calleck, Gramenon, Pruffer, Bruno Duchêne and Nicolas Carmarans to name just of few of them.

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