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Chai Christine Cannac
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 4 67 95 86 14
Address: 3 square Robert Schuman
Bedarieux, 34600
Country: France

Chai Christine Cannac shows that even in the hills of the Languedoc you can find interesting bars devoted entirely to natural wines. In the small village of Bédarieux which is about an hour inland and south west of Montpelier, Christine Cannac has set up a bar/restaurant devoted to local snacks served with interesting wines from the local region as well as some from further away.
The wines of local winemaker Axel Prüfer can be found here along with those of Francois Aubry and Jean-Francois Coutelou. From further away there are the Ardeche wines of Domaine du Mazel, the northern Rhone wines of Domaine Dard et Ribo, the Cairanne offerings of Marcel Richaud and the lovely Tavel wines of Eric Pfifferling from Domaine de l’Anglore among many others in this exciting selection.
Due to our obsession with meatballs from different countries and cultures we made sure that we ordered the the local specialty of bougnette which is a meatball made from pork shoulder. These are sliced and fried and served on toasted bread. They were delicious, as were all the other charcuterie dishes we tried.
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