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Hong Kong
Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +852 2522 1624
Address: 32-40 Wellington St
Country: Hong Kong
Food Style: Chinese

Note: We have not been to this restaurant for a couple of years, however friends whose opinion we trust tell us that they have been disappointed in the goose here recently and now they go to the Yat Lok restaurant in Stanley St instead.
Yung Kee in Wellington Street is easily recognisable with ducks and geese hanging in the window and the busy chefs preparing the birds for lucky locals ordering takeaways. It is a large, bustling restaurant that has become a dining institution in Hong Kong coming from humble beginnings in its fifty year history since Mr. Kam Shui Fai first set up his food stall and began selling the trademark roast goose. Now the restaurant rambles over many floors and many dining spaces that are always packed by eager locals as well as curious tourists.
Meals always begin here with the trademark plate of preserved eggs with sliced ginger. The dark, unctuous, gooey eggs are a textural and flavour highlight and the accompanying slices of pickled ginger provide a flavour contrast with their spicy overtones and refreshing taste.
No visit here should be made without ordering the roast goose. It is dense and dark and packed with flavour - unlike any other goose we have ever eaten. This is one of the world's classic dishes and is worth a journey to try it. We order it simply served with their very good plum sauce.
But it is not only the roasted goose that is good here. Try the roasted suckling pig which comes sliced on a bed of beautiful and very addictive preserved soy beans. Or try the goose liver presented in the form of a charcuterie-style sausage. Their hot pots are also memorable with the beef brisket in a clear broth being outstanding. The pig trotter roulade served with Chinese mustard and jellyfish is also a knockout dish.
On our most recent visit we also tried stir fried minced cuttlefish served in lettuce cups and a clear soup of dried scallops served with assorted meat.
With the roast meat we tried a very classic Crozes-Hermitage from Moillard Grivot.
Yung Kee is a great restaurant that we try to visit every time we are in Hong Kong.
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