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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 92800364
Address: 202 Elizabeth St (cnr Campbell St)
Sydney, New South Wales, 2010
Country: Australia

House is another venture from the people at nearby Spice I Am. This time they explore the fiery cuisine of North East Thailand with remarkable results. Fresh, bold flavours, great ingredients and skilful preparation contribute to a memorable dining experience.
This is a relatively large venue with an outdoor dining area at the front and then a smaller indoor area to the right of the open kitchen. The staff are very attentive and seem to take pleasure in ensuring that you enjoy the dishes they have to offer.
But, first you need to understand how to get a drink. The restaurant has an "arrangement" with the pub next door. This means you can't bring your own wine. Rather, you have to trek through to the pub (which is connected) and purchase your wine there. It will be opened and you will be given the required number of glasses to take back to your table. You also have to pay when you order the wine.
The menu is broad and takes a while to absorb. All of the dishes we have tried have ben expertly cooked and full of flavour. We will now list some of these dishes to give you an idea of the diversity.
Yum Pla Duk Fu is the classic deep fried shredded catfish served as a salad studded with the crunchy broken pieces of very crisp fish floss. This is a great example of this dish which rivals Benjarot's outstanding dish in Bangkok.
Nam Prik Pla Two Phon is a solid 'dip' served with an array of fresh vegetables including bamboo which you dip into the Nam Prik. Sai Krok Isaan sees soft steamed Isaan sausage served in a salad of deep flavour and some elegance. This was a truly great dish lifted by the soft, fermented sausage that we have come to love so much.
Gai Yang is charcoal grilled chicken that you find all over Thailand and which reaches its highest expression near the National Boxing Stadium in Bangkok at Likkit Chicken. Here it was very good athough the quality of the chicken itself can never match those found in Thailand.
Som Tum Pu Pla Raa is a classic Som Tum made from green mango but flavoured with fermented river fish.
Larp ped is a traditional larp based on duck. We thought that this dish might not rise to any great heights when we first saw it but one taste and it blew us away. It has a depth of flavour that has to be experienced to be believed. The finish is long and complex and lingering. This is a dish to linger over and to savour.
So, we look forward to our next visit to House which will certainly be on our next visit to Sydney!
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