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Le Comptoir des Tontons
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 3 80 24 19 64.
Address: 22 rue du Fg Madeleine
Beaune, 21200
Country: France

Le Comptoir des Tontons is a wine shop (cave), a restaurant and a wine bar in the historic wine city of Beaune. It focusses on wines that are made naturally.
From the Loire they offer the Anjou wines of Mark Angeli, the Bourgeuil wines of Catherine and Pierre Breton, the Saumur of Sebastien Bobinet, a Petillant Naturel from Christian Chaussard, the Clos du Tue-Boeuf of Terry Puzelat, the refined Saumur from Clos Rougeard and the Vin de Tables of Benoit Courault. They also feature Domaine Mosse, Domaine Saint Nicolas, Sebastien Riffault, Pascal Simonutti and Herve Villemade from Domaine du Moulin. What a stellar line up!
And it doesn't stop at the Loire. The area surrounding the restaurant is given prominence as well with wines from Fanny Sabre, Philippe Pacalet and, of course the ultimate in natural wines, the Domaine Romanee Conti.
From the Rhone there is almost every cuvee from the wonderful Domaine Gramenon and the funky wines of Dard and Ribo from the northern Rhone.
So this is a place to head for when you are in the Beaune area - you will be spoiled for choice.

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