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New York
Location: 40.717867, -73.989862

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 212 228 4450
Address: 247 Broome St
New York, 10002-3837
Country: United States

On our previous visit to New York Ten Bells had just opened but it didn't blip on our radar. Since then it has been gaining attention from everyone with its amazing list of natural wines.
When you see the offerings of Jean-Francois Ganevat on a wine list you know they are serious. And when they are accompanied by the Arbois-Pupillin from Emmanuel Houillon, Jean-Marie and Thierry Puzelat’s Clos du Tue-Boeuf, the Binner’s Pinot Gris, Herve Souhart’s Ardeche beauties and Philippe Pacalet’s Corton-Charlemagne then you know you are looking at a place that is very serious about wine. We are also delighted to see that the Stephane Guion Bourgueil, one of the best-value wines in France, is poured by the glass.
The staff are very helpful and react very positively to orders for obscure wine offerings. The menu is influenced by Spain and the dishes (and the wines) are displayed on blackboards placed strategically around the room.
We just love the experience of snacking here while we enjoy the staggering range of natural wines. On one visit recently we started with the funky and delicious Causse Marines Preambulles. This lightly sparkling wine from the Gaillac region of France is a perfect aperitif.
Our first snack was a beautiful, fluffy brandade - the sort of food we never tire of. We followed this delicious dish with a crab and avocado tartar and a comforting artichoke gratin. With these dishes we sipped a delicious wine from Slovenian winemaker and natural and biodynamic wine guru Ales Kristancic , the lemony, herbal, complex Movia Tokai Quattro Mani 2008.
We moved on to Ten Bells hand-cut steak tartare and their pulled pork sandwich which needed an elegant red so we chose the Bruno Duchene's La Luna 2009.
We then finished with an Ascutney Mountains raw milk cheese followed by a wonderful rice pudding and a Domaine de Souch late harvest Jurancon which was golden, sweet and very, very delicious.
Our other visits here have followed a similar trajectory but with different wines each time. Ten Bells is a treasure!
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