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Carpentras market

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Carpentras, Provence
Country: France

Carpentras market is held every Friday in the centre of the old town. This is a very extensive market with the stalls extending all the way across the town. Ignore the vegetable stalls with produce brought in from North Africa and concentrate instead on the small producers selling just what they have picked that morning.
A centrepiece of the market is the special rotisserie where you can buy fabulous roast chicken and potatoes. We also like the nougat maker who sells some of the best nougat we have tried.
On market days Jouvard prepares special tarts for you to take home for lunch.
In winter there is an associated truffle market where you can buy the prized black truffles that thrive on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.
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