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Tan Hong Phat BBQ HeartHeart
Food store
Open: Daily

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Shop 6 / 48 Park Rd
Cabramatta, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Tan Hong Phat BBQ is a stalwart of the vibrant Cabramatta food scene serving a dazzling array of high-quality meats ranging from whole pigs to twice-cooked ducks to pork belly to intestines to split chickens basted with fermented black beans. It presents some of the highest quality cooked meat we have seen in Australia.
Make sure you check out the room at the side where they prepare the carcasses for roasting in the large upright roasting 'kettles' that are big enough to take a whole pig.

Tan Hong Phat BBQ

Tan Hong Phat BBQ

Meats at Tan Hong Phat BBQ

Tan Hong Phat BBQ


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