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Les Halles
Open: Tue - Sun

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Place Pie
Avignon, Provence, 84000
Country: France

Avignon's covered market, Les Halles, operates every morning except Monday. It is right on the edge of the historic pedestrian area, so is easy to find. In fact, there is even a car park above the market so you can weave your way through the narrow streets inside the walls and park right there.
The seafood stalls here are especially good. Signs reveal the fish you should buy for bouillabaisse or soupe de poisson, but there's much more, including tellines, the tiny clams from this part of France. When we wanted to cook a seafood soup we were shown each of the small fish individually and asked if we wanted one. An extraordinary service!
And then there is the Marennes Oleron oyster bar in the corner of the building where you can order a platter of the freshest oysters shucked to order to be washed down by a glass of suitable white wine.
We also love the La Cave Des Olyviers stall which sells a clever selection of wines. Its owner, Alexandre Gerbe, also sells his own superior olive oil from his olive grove near Les Baux-de-Provence. We enjoy our discussions with him about the wines he sells. He has an excellent selection from Provence and the Languedoc. Also memorable are Panissain's naturally leavened bread and Hugon's poultry and game.

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