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Open: Fri - Sat in Geeveston, Sun at Farm Gate Market
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 20b Church St
Geeveston, Tasmania, 7116
Country: Australia

Special note: The restaurant will not operate during 2019 as they are getting ready to move to another location nearby. They will continue to do pop-ups and events in the meantime.
Masaaki is a tiny sushi place in the small town of Geeveston in far south Tasmania run by Masaaki Koyama. It is situated in a car park near the entrance to the town. The sushi is made freshly and takes advantage of the local farmed salmon.
They serve mixed plates of sushi, which might be salmon and avocado or tamago (egg), as well as those stuffed bean curd pouches called Inari. The miso soup that is served on the side is also quite pleasant.
Be aware that this is mainly a take-away and if you eat here it will be from take-away containers, but the proprietor is charming and the food is fresh.
On a recent visit we were stunned to find fresh wasabi root available. The charming owner talked to us about the amazing quality of the product which he sources from north west Tasmania and then grated some of the root freshly for us to enjoy with the sushi we had just purchased. It was stunning!
If you don't often trek down to Geeveston you can still sample the sushi and sashimi from Masaaki who has a stand at the Hobart Farm Gate Market every Sunday morning.
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