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Mei Jiang
Restaurants and bars
Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Expensive

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +66 2 861 2888
Address: Peninsula Hotel, 333 Charoen Nakorn Rd
Country: Thailand
Food Style: Chinese

The Mei Jiang can rightly lay claim to be the finest Chinese restaurant in Bangkok. We love going there because you start with the barge ride across the Chao Praya river. All the food is good, but we like to start with the cold platter and then move on to either the smoked duck or the lovely Peking Duck.
We were interested to see here that they serve Worcestershire sauce as an accompaniment to many of the dishes. Evidently it is very big in China with the flavours in the sauce being particularly appealing to Chinese palates. The experience has certainly made us re-evaluate this humble sauce.
If you have room at the end of the meal, try their wonderfully ethereal black sesame seed ice cream. It is fantastic.
The wine list is very expensive so you might like to consider selecting a tea from their impressive list instead.
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