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Fernandez & Wells
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 02072878124
Address: 73 Beak Street
London, W1F9SR
Country: United Kingdom

We were a little bemused when we first arrived at Fernandez & Wells because the staff appeared to be undecided about whether they were open or not, but once they mentally adjusted to the fact that it was past the advertised opening time they were fine. And after a shot of their excellent Monmouth Coffee Company coffee we were fine too, in fact positively happy.
We thoroughly enjoyed fresh Citron Presse, black pudding and scrambled egg in a bun and Comte cheese and plum tomatoes in a croissant.
By the way, the bread is from Poilane in Paris (tick) and the cheese (not the cheese for the croissant) is Montgomery's Cheddar (another tick).
The coffee is dark and brooding and very, very good. In fact, it is one of the best we have had in the United Kingdom. You can see from the murky brew in the cup below that it is very serious.

Coffee at Fernandez and Wells in London

The black pudding and scrambled eggs were pure comfort food.

Black pudding and scrambled eggs at Fernandez and Wells in London

They were fresh and creamy and constituted a perfect breakfast dish.

Next was the Poilane bread with local confiture (we know there are lots of food miles to bring it from Paris, but the bread is good!)

Poilane Bread at Fernandez and Wells in London

This is a very good spot for a pleasant breakfast or for a great coffee and it gets another tick because it's open early, from 7:30am on week days and 9am on Saturday and Sunday. There's another Fernandez & Wells around the corner in Lexington St that we haven't tried but it looks just as good, especially for lunch.

The view as we walked away after a satisfying breakfast.



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