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Terry Katong Laksa
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Stall #02-094, 335 Smith Street, Chinatown Food Centre
Country: Singapore

The Chinatown Food Centre is currently closed until the end of May 2019 for renovations.
Terry Katong Laksa is a favourite stall in the Chinatown Complex in Smith Street, Singapore. The laksa has clean, honest flavours and is not overpowered with coconut milk. Have it with cockles for a special treat.
It is easy to find the stall, simply ascend the stairs to the second floor and look for stall #94 which is not too far from the stairs.
The signage is bold and easy to spot as can be seen below.

Terry Katong Laska stall.

Terry Katong Laksa stall

The owner is very personable and anxious to ensure that you understand the style of laksa he produces. The broth does have a very good depth of spice flavour without the cloying texture of too much coconut milk. Elements such as perfectly cooked squid and cooked cockles provide additional interest

Bowl of laksa.

Bowl of laksa

The noodles are perfect and still give some resistance to the bite and benefit from being coated by the wonderful broth.

Info about laksa.

Info about laksa

And, as the sign says, there is no MSG or pork products in the mix. In summary this is a very good laksa with a perfect depth of flavour and great noodles.


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