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Terroirs Heart
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Location: 51.50943,-0.125157
Open: Mon - Sat
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +44 20 7036 0660
Address: 5 William IV Street
Charing Cross, WC2N 4DW
Country: United Kingdom

Terroirs is a wine bar in the heart of London specialising in natural wines from France and beyond. There are some excellent wines available by the glass and an extensive and well-documented list for ordering by the bottle.
There is also a short menu of clever food items available to complement the wines such as thin slices of very good ventreche with cornichons. In fact the charcuterie is a feature here with key items such as prosciutto made from rare breed Cinta Senese pigs from Tuscany or Jamon di Teruel from Aragon in Spain among others.
You can also have a full meal at one of the tables if you like and order dishes such as Piperade Basquaise with Chorizo or a white onion and cider soup to start and then move on to a braised shoulder of lamb with couscous or slow cooked pork belly with chick peas and morcilla sausage and then finish with a pannacotta or an apricot and almond tart.
From the wines available by the glass we were amazed at the quality of a Domaine de la Chevalerie Cuvee Binette Bourgueil. We love the Cabernet Franc wines from this mid-Loire appellation, but this one took us by surprise. It was just so good and so fresh that we would have ordered a bottle if time had permitted. We also tried an earthy Grolleau from Olivier Cousin, one of the stars of the natural wine movement. This rare grape produces funky wines with a 'barnyard' smell but this one was interesting nevertheless. Cousin markets it under the Vin de Table label.
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