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La Cave du Sommelier HeartHeart
Wine store
Open: Morning and afternoon Tue - Sat, morning Sun

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 2 99 89 92 50
Address: 23, rue du Port
Cancale, 35260
Country: France

La Cave du Sommelier is a smart wine shop in the centre of Cancale that is devoted to the burgeoning natural wine trade in France. Many of the icons of this movement can be found in this store. There is also a similar store in Rennes to the north but we like the atmosphere in this store.
For example, Pierre Overnoy's Arbois Pupellin, Olivier Lemasson's Le P'Tit Rouquin and Le Puits Vin de Table, Agnes and Rene Mosse are represented by their Le Rouchefer, there is the Le Rollier of Mas Foulaquier from the beautiful Pic Saint Loup area of the Languedoc, Philippe Pacalet's Beauroy Chablis, Domaine Richaud's sturdy Cairanne red and Marc Pesnot's Nature Vin de Table.
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