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Tasmanian sea fish
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Address: Tasmania
Country: Australia

Tasmania's sea fish, both close-to-shore and deep sea, are superb.
Flathead, that favourite of amateur anglers, is much under-rated. Cooked soon after it's caught, there is nothing better. It is beautifully firm, and perfect with a squeeze of lemon juice or dressed up with a fresh tomato sauce.
Other fish to seek out are blue-eye trevalla (called blue-eye cod in other parts of Australia) and striped trumpeter. The latter is just a fraction oily and beautifully suited to tomato sauces and other Mediterranean-style treatments.
Look out also for smooth dory which you may find at the Mures Fish Centre (upstairs and downstairs). This deep-sea fish has a silky texture and a sweet flavour.
Tasmania may not be as renowned as Cairns for its game fishing, but in fact the tuna fishing off spectacular Tasman Peninsula is excellent.
But bear in mind that any fish that's just been caught, no matter how humble its origins, is bound to be superior to one that's been frozen or, probably even worse, been kept unfrozen out of the water for some time so that it's stale. In restaurants and fishmongers, seek advice. Find out what came in today and how long it is since it was caught.
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