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Salamanca Market
Open: Sat 8am-3pm

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Address: Tasmania
Country: Australia

Hobart's Salamanca Market is a must for tourists and locals. You'll find the most carefully tended and beautifully presented vegetables in Hobart, especially those operated by the Hmong community.
Sadly, the number of Hmong stalls has reduced somewhat in recent years, however it has been interesting to see that three local fruit and vegetable retailers have more than filled the void.
Just outside Lifestyle Furniture, for example, you'll find a stall selling organically-produced vegetables, including the best rocket around, wonderful carrots (sometimes they have the excellent French Santenay variety), lovely beetroot, crunchy Japanese turnips and good potatoes. The organic stall called Harvest Feast just near Knopwoods has an impressive array of local and interstate organic produce and is well-worth a visit. They also stock a range of unusual local grains including quinoa that is grown in Tasmania by Kindred Organics.
And there is plenty of other good food available as well. At Bauers' stall there is dried pasta, yeast-free German style breads and cakes, pies and flans. We especially like the gooseberry slice. Bauers also sell free-range eggs and they welcome the return of cartons.
Just near the Court buildings you will usually find Annie Ashbolt selling her award-winning olive oil. We think it is the best in the state and one of the best in the country. She also sells a soft drink made from elderberries that deserves the high praise it attracts.
Look for Summer Kitchen breads, vegetable pies, tarts and muffins, right at the end of the market just near the wheat silo apartments that dominate this area. All the bread baked at Summer Kitchen is made with flour that has biodynamic or organic certification. This is one of only a small number of certified organic bakers, Australia wide. Varieties include sprouted wheat sourdough, barley, yeast-free chapattis, wholemeal crumpets, a 100% rye, and Irish soda bread. Look out for the raspberry tarts and muffins, made with local fruit.
If you're looking for something to eat at the market, our recommendation is a weisswurst from Silver Hills. Go for broke and have fried onions, sauerkraut and mustard. Failing that, the rice porridge (congee) from ‘Hey Hey its Satay Day' is satisfying. Ask for fried shallots, chopped spring onion and fish sauce to go with it. For sweet tooths it's easy. Both Valhalla and Viking sell their own ice creams. In summer you can have ice cream in a cone with fresh berries.
There's no shortage of stalls selling other food products as well. Look out for Country Larder, Flagstaff Apiaries selling honey from Cambridge, Chisholms Specialty Coffees (there's even a Salamanca blend), stalls selling the Flat Fruit Factory's fruit leather, Gillespies ginger beer, Country Gourmet from Sorell which sells old-fashioned lemon and orange cordial mixes and Olive Grove olives which encourages you to sample their wares.
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