Leavenbank Bakehouse | St Helens | Tasmania

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Leavenbank Bakehouse
Food store
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6376 1575
Address: 26 Cameron St
St Helens, Tasmania, 7216
Country: Australia

Donna Monish of Leavenbank Bakehouse in St Helens produces very good organic sourdough bread. The loaves are made from 100% organic flour and fashioned by hand before being baked in a wood-fired oven. No artificial ingredients are used.
Varieties available include potato sourdough, French country sourdough, pumpkin sourdough, walnut and honey loaf and roast capsicum and olive loaf.
Here is what they say about themselves:
"Leavenbank are committed to using the highest quality, natural ingredients they can source. They add nothing that is not needed; no stabilizers, improvers, preservatives, no artificial ingredients at all. They use 100% organic stone ground flours. Every loaf is made the traditional way, by hand. It is slowly fermented to allow it to develop unique flavors and textures and a bread that will aid digestion. Because of this there may be slight variations in each batch. The bread is cooked on the hearth of a wood fired oven we built ourselves."
We think this is an admirable approach which certainly shows up in the quality of the bread they produce.

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