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House of Anvers
Restaurants and bars
Tasmania country
Location: -41.218097,146.413461
Open: Daily for breakfast and lunch

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6426 2958
Address: 9025 Bass Highway
Latrobe, Tasmania, 7307
Country: Australia

Igor van Gerwen's House of Anvers has something for everybody. Garden lovers will be enthralled by the sweeping gardens full of interesting trees. Those in search of a snack and a coffee can take advantage of the outdoor tables to savour their experience. Those interested in the history and practice of chocolate-making can view the small museum of chocolate history and then watch the truffles and other confections being made through the viewing window.
And, of course, everyone will want to try the truffles, pralines and fudge that are on sale here.
You can also have either breakfast or a light lunch here. On each of our visits here we have been impressed by the quality of the coffee and the pastries. One breakfast saw us tucking into perfect flaky croissants just out of the oven slathered in a rich chocolate sauce.
We also like the fact that they provide very comprehensive training opportunities for their staff who are given the chance to improve their qualifications in the hospitality industry.
A stunning addition to the range of chocolates is the amazing Fortunato No. 4 from Peru which is one of the best chocolates we have experienced.

Fortunato No. 4 chocolate from Anvers

This is couverture chocolate that is made from the berries of a Nacional Cacao tree found at a height of 1000 metres in a remote region of Peru. It is rare, it is exotic and it is delicious.

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