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Tasmanian Olive Oil
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Address: Tasmania
Country: Australia

The inexorable rise of the olive industry in Tasmania has paralleled that of the wine industry. It began through the passion of Atillio Minnucci who brought 200 olive trees into the state to establish one of the first serious olive groves here.
The industry rapidly expanded with major players such as Rocky Caccavo who now has over 17000 trees.
We were interested watching other players quietly emerging over the past decade who were searching for quality and a small batch approach to this product. Annie Ashbolt (who produces a fine, dark green olive oil in the Derwent Valley), Carol and Tony O'Neil (Cradle Coast Olives) and Peter and Diane Henning (Lentara Grove in the Tamar Valley) establishing groves in widely varying terroirs to produce a range of exciting and very different olive oils. We especially like the vibrancy of the single-varietal Cradle Coast oils that come shining through from the biodynamic practices employed by the O'Neil family.
Other players with good olive oil include Burnside at Sorell, Rob Goddard's Coronea Grove at Hadspen where he has six olive varieties among over 700 trees, Mt Direction Olives who make a pleasant single variety Frantoio oil in the Tamar Valley and the long-running Penna Valley Produce cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Another good product is the Lauriston Grove Frantoio from South Arm in southern Tasmania.

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