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Chinese Emporium
Food store

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6228 9408
Address: 42 Main Rd
Moonah, Tasmania, 7008
Country: Australia

The Chinese Emporium is one of two Hobart shops specialising in Asian ingredients (the other is Wing & Co in Sandy Bay).
It is well worth a visit for specialist Asian ingredients, such as jellyfish, dried fish, palm sugar, salted black beans, and preserved vegetables, and for Asian cooking utensils. Products are crowded together, filling every ounce of available space. Boxes and tins are piled on the floor, stacked high on shelves and crammed into freezers.
It's worth taking time to explore each section so that you get to know what's available. There are fridges and freezers with fresh egg-noodles, rice-paper wrappers, tofu, and more. They even occasionally have durian. There is also a wide range of cooking utensils such as woks and clay pots available.
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