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Bruny Island Cheese Company
Food store
Tasmania country
Open: Tue - Sat 10am - 5pm

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6260 6353
Address: 1807 Main Road, Great Bay
Bruny Island, Tasmania
Country: Australia

The Bruny Island Cheese Company is a producer of Tasmanian cheese and organic wood-fired bread. Their produce is available from their store in Great Bay on Bruny Island as well as their tiny shop in Salamanca Place in Hobart.
Some of the cheeses that they make are C2 which is a classic cooked-curd cheese made from cow's milk, Oen, a cow's-milk cheese washed in Pinot Noir wine and wrapped in vine leaves, Tom, a cow's-milk hard rind cheese, 1792, a washed rind cheese, Saint, a white mould surface-ripened cheese, Lewis, a hard goat's milk cheese and Otto, a fresh cheese wrapped in locally-made prosciutto.
Of these our current favourite is the C2 - and for a very good reason. Finally we are able to source a cheese made from unpasteurised milk in Tasmania! It has a beautiful texture and the finish is long and lingering with an almost 'tingling' aftertaste.
Their large loaves of organic bread bear the marks of the wood-firing and the flavour is well-developed.
Lately we have seen the wonderful cultured butter from the Tasmanian Butter Company here.
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