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Blue Hills Honey
Tasmania country
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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6458 8142
Address: 1858 Mawbanna Rd
Mawbanna, Tasmania, 7321
Country: Australia

Blue Hills Honey is a very good producer of a variety of Tasmanian organic honey products. Of course, being devotees of Tasmania's famous Leatherwood honey we are particularly fond of the Blue Hills Organic Leatherwood sourced from trees in the spectacular Tarkine region in far north-west Tasmania.
We also like their blackberry product and their Manuka honey which is sourced from the flowers of the teatree which grows widely in this island state. This honey has medicinal properties including antibacterial and antifungal properties according to research conducted at Waikato University in New Zealand and the University of Amsterdam. One of the active ingredients found in this honey is methylglyoxal which is a known anti-bacterial agent.
The honey is produced by Robbie and Nicola Charles from the small town of Mawbanna in north-west Tasmania (which is inland from Black River near Stanley). The currently have some 1600 hives that they distribute throughout the Tarkine area. There are no additives in their honey and it is cold-extracted to retain the natural flavour.
Their honey is now exported to many Asian countries as well as Europe and the United States.
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